Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break

This is the time of year when I think many of us become a little more positive about our oppressed existence as lowly students. Difficult to see, it is the slightest suggestion of a spec of a light that feverishly emits from the long tunnel of the tough grind.    

It is in my mind of no coincidence that these delicate strands of positivity that begin to pass though us coincide with two delightful events. The first being the bitter sweet occurrence of daylight saving; the event in which the blatant atrocities of robbing each an every one of us of a full hour of blissful sleep is soon forgotten by the splendid experience of an hour later sunset (and with that the tentative notion that winter is now behind us). The second of course is spring break, that little island of recovery were we can take a breather from our academic obligations and reacquaint ourselves with a little fun.

As a non-American I have never (until recently) experienced spring break, in fact my expectations of the whole event has been completely molded by the MTV camera lens. The image MTV portrays (or at least the one I decided to adopt) is that for one week, the whole of America dons bikinis and surfer shorts and proceeds to descend into a frenzy of party and inebriation. You can therefore perhaps appreciate my sense of betrayal with the severe lack of carefree scantily clad women on the snow kissed streets of Cleveland last year. Of course I now therefore understand that this perception is just one of the possibilities that one can engage in with their 7 day allocation.      

Whether you plan to spend time with family, the classic debaucherous week at the beach or something completely different, I think we can all agree that a week away from the books will do us 1st and 2nd years the world of good. Have fun!

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