Thursday, September 22, 2011

Andrew Franklin

Medical school is a demanding beast, relentless in its expectation of its subjects to apply themselves fully and continuously for excessive periods of time. Its demands at the peak of study can be considered to bear on fringe of the impossible or even the absurd. Medical school takes away, but it also gives back. The conventional argument of enduring such an unbalanced existence is that we are all working towards our dreams, our sacrifices now will equate to our future success and ultimate contentment. While this belief holds true and enables us to persist with the continual reassessment of our worthiness as future podiatrists there is something else, something more simple and delightful that medical school gives back.   

They don’t come by very often (and first years, they will be sadly taken from you in the 2nd semester), but when they do, the only proper thing to do is waste them!  I am referring to those little nuggets of time when all is well, when we can sit and watch mindless TV just because we can. When we are not consumed by the unyielding notion that we should be perpetually studying and time simply loses its importance. It’s the weekend after exams and apathy should not only be tolerated but also indeed celebrated. For that brief moment we become the common man and woman, a weekend becomes the justified rest stop for the arduous endeavors of the previous five days. It provides us a window of a previous life or perhaps even a future life and then just like that it disappears once again.

So medical school will provide us with a wonderful profession, a great career full of great challenges and experiences but lets also acknowledge those blissful pockets of guilt free laziness that blesses us every now and then along the way. 

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