Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Andrew Franklin

So four weeks into the new academic year and I have to say it has been rather pleasant so far. Of course its always hard to tell how well things are going before the first set of exams, but to be frank I’ve rather enjoyed the freedom (in the absence of clinic or simulated patients) that pertains to having no classes scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursday. The price of such a luxury does result in long days sitting in a classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I’ll take it for the indulgence of a cheeky lie-in every now and then. I don’t want you to think that such a schedule has been completely wasted with an extra few pushes of the snooze button. On the contrary I have made some endeavors to be somewhat productive. For example I am lucky enough to be a member of a research group working for Dr Yavuz. Along with some fellow 2nd years and 3rd years we are collecting data on diabetic patients. I wont go into details of the research but from a student’s point of view it’s been a great experience to interact with patients and practice our under-developed pod-med skills.

These past first four weeks have also had a sport theme for me, and while I continue to hack at dimpled balls in a vain attempt to at least look somewhat presentable on the golfing green or more so the rough. I have also plied my trade with the OCPM soccer club. We have been meeting regularly every Sunday morning at the Independence high school for an informal ‘kick-about’ for some time now. It’s been a great way to get active and get the lungs going for at least a little while. I encourage anyone who is interested in ‘the beautiful game’ to come along and get involved, before it gets too cold (although we will then move to an indoor league). Incidentally the soccer club also had a trip a few weeks ago down to Columbus to watch the MLS game between Columbus Crew and Philadelphia Union. And although I would always argue that it’s no EPL (English Premier League) it was a great day out with many OCPM students attending and the home team taking the points.

My other recent sporting escapade has been at a local rock gym, there is something rather rewarding about the challenge of negotiating yourself up a wall, there are levels for every ability (I started on a ladder!) and wonderful way to distress from school.
With exams coming up I think such activities will be temporarily curtailed for now, but it’s nice to know there are many avenues outside of school that we can all take part in. Good luck in your studies.       

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