Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2nd year student Andy Franklin

Hi my name is Andy Franklin, I am a second year here at OCPM, and it’s certainly a great feeling to be able to say that “2nd year”. At times it had felt like we were destined to be perpetual newbies. The year was a long one, and certainly challenging but with that invariably comes the inherent pride to say that I, along with my peers made it! Bring on the next year.

My route to OCPM may be considered less than conventional. I was born in Essex, England and in various parts of England is where I resided for the first 26 years of my life. I had chosen a career in Chemistry and had come to the US to work in a research lab at Florida State University. My plan was to come to the states for a year or so and then head back to the motherland. Overtime however two notable things happened. One was that I was getting to rather like my life here in the states and the other more pertinent issue was that I was becoming less satisfied with my life as a chemist. To cut a long story short after a lot of searching I found myself here at OCPM.

Looking back on the first year with perhaps a hint of a rose tint, it was a great experience, the work load certainly asked a few questions of us all especially in the second semester but I guess no one said it would be easy. Looking at all the new first years coming in it reminds me of my experience not so long ago; making new friends, getting used to the work load and getting used to the Ohio weather were some key issues in those early months (to be honest I’m still trying to become accustomed to the weather) I would have to say that the summer term was certainly my favorite for obvious reasons, not only does the sun shine but the credit hours are considerably reduced and so you are able to rediscover the things you enjoyed when you had a normal existence. For myself and a lot of my friends that was playing golf, there are some great courses here and while I remain a less than the average player it’s a great why to get out and enjoy the surrounding areas with friends. 

Well as the new academic year beckons, I wish a sincere good luck to all the students here at OCPM. I look forward to sharing my views and experiences with you throughout my 2nd year.

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